Monday, January 17, 2011

Ten miles to graceland

ten miles to graceland, i am always feeling sore, I'm going to be 30 in less the three months...BTW how did that happen i feel like I'm 15 on summer break. So the fact is when i go for a run, something is always hurting its just how it is now. three weeks from 1/2 marathon number two, the one I'm trying to raise money for RUN FOR MOBILITY (surfcity) (still looking for sponsors and training is all down hill from here. Today i ran 10 miles its january and 70+ degrees out and running my favorite spot back bay nothing makes you feel more blessed then the beauty and ability of todays run. i pushed out the pain of my ouchies and ran the whole ten miles without stopping, that is my one rule i never stop and walk if i feel tired i slow down but i will never walk. I believe i got this from all the years of great coaching while swimming competitively and i am so grateful for that. All running is, is mind over body. For anyone who says they cant run it is in there mind telling them they cant, YES you can, you can do anything you put your mind to. While on a run i dream of happy things, my husband, eating hosum bistro for lunch, my moose...all i have is my play list and my thoughts and before you know it your half way to the finish, then only a 1/2 a mile to being done and then its over. and once your done you feel accomplished weather it is your first time running again, or like today 10 miles... it feels so good to have done something out of your box of comfort.

My happy things to think about...

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