Wednesday, February 23, 2011

making time to do good things for yourself

making time to do good things for yourself... its hard, but important. My life has become more rushed then ordinary and when i started my new job i knew it would be more important than ever that i stay focused on my fitness goals. When you become tired you loose the drive to push yourself through physical activity.  What helps me stay on top of my workouts is planning my week in a calendar writing down the miles i will run along with other workouts such as weights and spinning.  As much as i enjoy sleeping in as late as possible (so does moose) i know that my best runs are in the morning,  its not about just showing up its committing yourself to the workout.  My last training program leading up to the surf city half marathon i sometimes just ran, and ran slow i just wasn't into some runs.... with a higher goal i know i need to train harder for the next run in May. showing up isn't enough i need to commit, commit to running all runs under 10 minute mile pace.  Nutrition is another goal and a need in my life, I like to keep healthy snacks available so that the dreaded empty tummy doesn't hit that always leads to over eating and most of the time eating something on the naughty list.  I like to eat lunch meats, fruit and yogurt for snacks a tip that i don't always follow is to try and eat something every 2 hours to avoid getting hungry, a bite here a nibble there. it works.

when things become overwhelming  a good run or workout can take it all away

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