Friday, January 14, 2011

first half marathon 2:18.13

After a week of not running due to a small cold i last minute Friday night around 8 pm decided to run my first half marathon the next morning.  I mean why not i enjoy a challenge and i needed to run anyway.  With my husband, dog and a green berry shakeology in hand we sleepily headed to Irvine at 630. This being a small race with just over 4,000 runners i could register before the race i lined up just before 8am and some how ended up close to the starting line. Wearing my garmin watch i could keep track of my pace and time the first 3 miles i knew i was going out way to fast but stuck in the front of the pack i was being pushed and it felt great all under 9 minutes...and then it hit me i hadn't run all week and my conditioning wasn't there so it started i lost my pace and gradually i ran slower and slower i knew at 6 miles i wasn't going to be beating my 2 hour goal and at 8 miles i was hoping i could even hit 2 hours and 15 minutes. Without walking running the ENTIRE race except when i stopped to drink all the water and juice i could inhale at the water stations i finished in 2:18.13.  Only a few minutes over the 2:15 mark i wanted to finish in.  

here is my Garmin reading

Summary 02:18:09 pace10:29
1 00:08:55 1.00
2 00:08:55 1.00 
3 00:08:58 1.00 
4 00:09:43 1.00 
5 00:09:43 1.00 
6 00:10:18 1.00
7 00:10:27 1.00 
8 00:11:03 1.00 
9 00:11:31 1.00 
10 00:11:31 1.00
11 00:11:40 1.00
12 00:12:05 1.00
13 00:11:44 1.00
14 00:01:30 0.17 

this was taken i think near the finish for the last 7 miles i had been having mental battles with myself.... talking myself into not stopping not walking and not giving up all things i kept thinking of. the battle wasnt physical it was mental. as much as i hurt at the time this photo was taken as soon as i crossed the finish line the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment took me over.

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