Friday, February 11, 2011

Going Further

Going further

It only took about 24 hours before the glow of running my best 2:02 half marathon time before i started to think bigger.  The competitive drive to do better is a bit overwhelming for me, what can i do to be faster, healthier and have more energy.  Almost at the my end of my "week off" and Monday it starts all over again, training for the next one.  So whats my plan at having better results then the ones I'm already pleased with? Step one, 4 runs a week, and committing to the runs, not just showing up but each run needs to have meaning.  Step two weight training with my husband three days a week he is a personal trainer who transforms people on a daily basis. It is also how we met, he transformed me into my alter egos "athlete" and then into "super wife".  Step three, cleaning up my diet... post wedding i noticed i stopped carrying as much about my diet, i guess i got comfortable. Setting goals is an important step in any challenge, so my goal is to loose 10 lbs, and improve my half marathon time by 7 minutes.  I wont tell my weight, but i will say what my next goal time is, 1:55 minutes that is a 8:45 mile pace. Race day is May 1st that gives me 11 weeks to work hard.

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