Tuesday, February 1, 2011

photos of you being active with your pets!

Its not just about humans getting active, pets too!! Share photos of you being active with your pet, your pet being active or adventures you have shared with them. email the photos plus a brief description about the image and info about your pet to heather.pappas@yahoo.com

after i have a collection of photos ill add a pole for friends to vote on there favorite images!

heather and moose

I am Heather, and this is my sidekick moose, our favorite thing to do together is go for walks! Walks to the park, on the beach around fashion island this loveable guy goes everywhere with me!

                                      Ruff life crew
Walter and his Ruff Life! I walk from 2 to 5 dogs at a time, for an hour a day, twice a day. I lOVE it! I prefer the boardwalk for the scenery and all the smiles my dogs bring to peoples faces. I am lucky enough to do what I love for a living...check out our Facebook page and become a fan...http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ruff-Life-Dogs/116621725069185

I am Amy, and this is my French Bulldog Ace. We love to go for walks, run on the beach, and go to Muttropolis at Fashion Island. Our little guy is one special dude.

                                                 Diego and Tahoe
I am not in front of the camera playing with pets .. being a Pet Photographer .. I'm the one who takes the photos of people and their pets! When I'm not photographing pets .. I am usually hanging with my two love bugs .. my boys Tahoe and Diego! We are usually snuggling or learning new tricks and just hanging out together!

-Susan Uston Pet Lifestyle Photography

catch me if you can! weee!!!!

i love the beach and my mommie! we have so much fun together!

                                         Roxy and peanut
having a play date at dog beach! 

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