Friday, January 28, 2011

i couldnt pass the run test in jr high...

I used to be the girl who couldn't run a mile in ten minutes... although i was a competitive swimmer when it came to the jr. high school PE test i couldn't finish in under 10 minutes. its been way to many years to remember what i ran it in, but i probably walked a lot of it and went over the 10 minute mark...big deal i hated PE, jr. high the uniforms, the odd teacher and the track... although i had to cross train for swimming when i became a teen i still hated it, however i did well in jr. lifeguards my swimming really made up for my lack of running skills. one of my best memories is winning the monster mile for my age group and gender at the age of 10. you run a mile then swim a mile... real fun huh (well i liked it)! so i've always been competitive just not a runner so ironically i'm no longer swimming but running. 9 days away from the surf city 1/2 marathon and i'm feeling excited! my goal running pace is again ironically a 10 minute mile...the girl who couldn't even run one ten minute mile has a goal of running 13 of them without walking. again ironic. i hear a lot of people say they just cant do it, they cant run, yes you can, i say it on here all the time but ill say it again, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO.


  1. I remember those jr high 10min mile tests, I never passed it either. I know you'll be able to accomplish your goal next weekend. Great post!

  2. thanks Maya i hope you can join me for the next 1/2 marathon!!