Sunday, January 23, 2011

its better with a friend!

Running with a friend is just more fun! Yesterday was a planned 10 mile run from Newport to dog beach in HB and back on a beautiful 70 degree day in January.... picked up my running BBF and ran our last 10 miles before the surf city 1/2 marathon in two weeks. Running together doesn't mean you have to run with each other, we actually only start together and meet up after the run even with this its just more inspiring then running alone. When were done we talk about the people we saw, how we felt at a certain spot what were going to get for breakfast and so on... 2 weeks out of my 2nd 1/2 marathon and i'm feeling great on this run i focused on maintaining my pace i couldn't have been happier looking at my results and seeing that my pace stayed within 30 seconds for every mile. feeling great about myself and about my run its a great place to be in right now. Running, working out with friends, being active together its a great thing to share with those you care about!

waiting for my running BFF enjoying some sun and watered down gatorade in my I <3 running sigg.

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