Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 for 30

As if life hasn't totally become crazy enough i have to turn 30 in 13 days... did this happen?  i remember sitting in high school thinking time couldn't go any slower! i was miserable and i just couldn't wait for time to go by faster... geez what was i thinking... now all i want is to slow down time. i want to enjoy everything more now... Although I've kept up with my 10 week training program i still feel like its not enough. maybe with so much else happening right now the running just seems so small.  Which brings me back to that big scary birthday i have coming up... 30... half of that is 15 and 15 didn't seem that long ago...but it was! my birthday falls on a wednesday, ill celebrate it on the Saturday after....which will mark the last day of the run week..and within this run week my goal is to run 30 miles. 30 for 30.

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